My Favorite Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Presenting a special  kind of coaching service for you.   When your  lost or  frustrated,  down or  up,  not knowing which way to turn.  Would it be nice to be able to call your personal coach to ask questions and just  talk about your issues and problems?  To get another person’s idea  how to  work out  those  questions you would not want to discuss with  friends or family?  Or maybe  what your next step should be  on your spiritual path .  

Maybe you need some help with  why you are not succeeding like you think you should.  Why your not achieving true prosperity.   I can help you identify  your  blocks and  move you in the right directions.

My Favorite Coaching

Would you like to be able to talk to someone  when tough questions or decisions  are needed?   How  about when you are looking for Spiritual encouragement and advice,  to dispel  any doubts you might  encounter? Would you like your own personal  Coaching?

Who is Mark E Wilkins, Ph.D.?

My Favorite Life Coaching

It would be a pleasure to be your personal spiritual life coach! I am making this coaching service  available  using  email, private chat room, or  by  text or telephone at an extremely low introductory price.     

When you  sign up, your paypal account will be billed  $48.00  each   month.  If you are not happy with this service for any reason, you may cancel at anytime.  You will have  unlimited  email and chat room support and 1 weekly  text or telephone  support for up to 15 minutes / month to  assist you.  If you have an emergency situation, I will always be available for you.  You will also receive  supportive advice, spiritual guidance,   e-books and information  to assist you where it is applicable.

Favorite Life Coaching Benefits:

  • Access to email Questions and Answers  when you  need to ask questions and  get an answer fast  to help you.  Even from your mobile device.
  • Use a private Chat rooms  or skype  to  have live discussions on the topics that you need to talk about most.Coaching
  • Help with EFT, NLP,  self hypnosis  training and assistance  when you need it most.
  • Guidance and Encouragement when you hit those low points  and just need to talk.
  • Telephone help on a once a week basis, if you  are in need of that further assistance.
  • Priority scheduling if you need one on one personal training  at a reduced  client rate.

Expect Miracles and abundance,

Be Blessed

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You can discontinue your coaching subscription at  any time.

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